Blog Editor in Chief - Real Estate Vertical

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Individuals planning to buy or sell properties in Iran can benefit from the service provided by Divar. Our goal is to improve the Real estate-search experience and provide comprehensive information and educational center about real estate to fulfill the needs pertinent to the demand and supplies. To achieve this Divar is seeking an editor-in-chief with extensive SEO, analytics, and performance-driven wordsmiths skills. 

We are looking for a colleague with skills in analyzing the performance of editorial content across Divar’s real estate. The ideal candidate is adept at using Google Analytics (and/or other traffic dashboards), proficient with the fine points of SEO, and eager to explore new concepts. Importantly, this person also possesses the editorial sense to pitch ideas based on their quantitative insights and is comfortable editing headlines and copies appealing to a target audience. Moreover, having knowledge of Iran’s real estate market, its economy and topics related to real estate especially relevant to real estate advisory are mandatory. 



  • Experienced in providing educational content and planning procedure on an educational website; 
  • Editing and optimizing headlines and body copy for maximum performance as needed; 
  • Following breaking news about real estate in the market of Iran — you must be knowledgeable enough (or learn fast enough) to generate ideas that capture user search; 
  • Developing and assisting two editorial verticals in order to identify growth opportunities and prioritize high-impact stories and keywords, with the ultimate goal of driving traffic to Divar’s real estate domain; 
  • While this is not a social media role, you should possess a sense of what wins engagement on major social channels, and keep social performance in mind when pitching ideas; 
  • Providing weekly reports on content performance across SEO and communicating progress to the larger editorial team.


  • Exceptional collaboration with a large and cross-functional team;
  • Adaptability, data-oriented mindset as well as multitasking skills;
  • Professional experience in analyzing content performance (in Google Analytics or elsewhere) and developing insights based on that analysis;
  • Familiarity with basic journalism skills, news reporting, and editorial ethics;
  • Strong editing and copyediting skills, with an eye for detail, ensuring all articles meet project and quality standards before they are published;
  • Experience with web applications such as Google Analytics, WordPress (or a similar CMS), and Excel/Google Docs;
  • At least five to six years of experience working in a digital editorial team, preferably in the realm of economy and education;
  • Excel in a fast-paced editorial environment with emphasis on the value of accuracy and punctuality.


  • Flexible working hours;
  • Stock options for all employees;
  • A dynamic working environment with a culture that is open, innovative, and performance-oriented;
  • Supplementary health insurance;
  • Various on-site entertainments;
  • Competitive salary package.