Car Pricing Supervisor - Karnameh

Karnameh is looking for young, creative and responsible colleagues in the "Car Pricing Team" so that they can accompany us in our path of growth with their capabilities and researches.

The purpose of the "Car Pricing Team" is to determine the true price of a car beside an accurate and fair consultation regarding to its current market.

The Car Pricing Supervisor should conduct market research and analysis along with monitoring the processes of the "Car Pricing Team" in order to provide the best price advice to Karnameh customers.


  • Daily and instant analysis of the car market
  • Developing policies and processes required for the Car Pricing Team and managing the team to implement them
  • Analyzing relevant data to increase the efficiency of the Car Pricing Team services by studying, evaluating and redesigning processes
  • Daily monitoring of team performance and maintaining order in processes.
  • Scheduling shifts
  • Documentation of the team performance on a daily basis
  • Determining and defining effective performance indicators (KPIs) for the Car Pricing Team
  • Creating related contents for training processes of the Car Pricing Team
  • Familiarity with the specifications of Iranian and foreign cars and general knowledge of car components
  • Full acquaintance with the Automobile Market
  • High problem solving ability
  • Ability to build, monitor and lead a team
  • Communication, verbal and written skills to perform assigned responsibilities optimally
  • Familiarity with negotiation techniques
  • High level of self-confidence, patience, politeness and diplomacy when dealing with difficult situations
  • Creativity in presenting new ideas to improve processes
  • Ability to manage tasks under stressful conditions and perform multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Data analysis and report generation skills
  • Appropriate and on-time payment.
  • Supplementary health insurance.