As a part of the facilities team, the workspace team does its best to provide comfort and improve the working quality of the employees. One of our most important duties is to provide light meals, including breakfasts, snacks and appetizers for employees. These meals are diverse and exciting, and also are made of healthy and fresh ingredients. We make our best efforts to provide healthy food which would eventually improve our employees' health.

As a result, we need a creative chef who is familiar with international cooking and the principles of nutrition, and would cook various healthy and delicious food for the employees.


  • Cooking breakfasts, snacks and appetizers daily and on-time for the employees.
  • Estimating the ingredients, cost and time to make each meal.
  • Ordering the ingredients daily and weekly to the procurement team.
  • Leading the kitchen team and having the job done through team work.
  • Supervising the health and cleaning of the kitchen and considering the issues related to COVID-19.
  • Able to handle critical situations and propose appropriate solutions in those situations, in order to deliver nutrition services.
  • Communicating effectively with the team members and other employees.
  • Providing various menus as well as considering the health and principles of nutrition on them.
  • Able to use Industrial kitchen equipment correctly, and offer to purchase new equipment in case of necessity.
  • Using the company's communication system to announce the menus and create polls.
  • Having international cooking certificates and relevant work experience.
  • Familiar with working with computers in order to make requests for buying ingredients, prepare menus and announce them.
  • Having work experience in industrial kitchens and in cooking foods in high volume.
  • Familiar with calculations basics in order to estimate the number of meals and their cost to allocate and control the expenses.
  • Having time-management ability to calculate and estimate the preparation time of meals.
  • Familiar with safety procedures and health principles of working in a kitchen.
  • Familiar with principles of good nutritions.
  • Having creativity in delivering foods, making menus and in the use of various cooking instructions.
  • Ability and experience of leadership and teamwork.
  • Showing perseverance and high moral and physical capabilities.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Stock options for all employees.
  • A dynamic working environment with a culture that is open, innovative and performance oriented.
  • Supplementary health insurance.
  • Various on-site entertainments.
  • Competitive salary package.