Frontend Developer Trainees

If you have acquired some knowledge in the field of Front-End development, but need extra resources to learn further and prepare yourself to be a Front-End developer, then this role could be a perfect opportunity for you.

The online course designed by us, covers the skills you are expected to develop before you apply as a Front-End developer and join us in Divar. We highly suggest that you study the course accurately and then apply for the job. However, if you believe you don't need the course and you already possess the skills and know-how as a skilled Front-End developer, then go ahead and kindly apply for the " Front-End Developer" position directly.


You are encouraged to study the resources prepared in this course accurately in order to learn about the nature of challenges that you might encounter as a Front-End developer in Divar. Moreover, you need to do the exercises and the project defined in the course, in your Github profile.

To go to the course please click on the link below: