Senior Market Researcher

TehranData Science and Analytics

Divar ,as a classified platform, specializes in various fields such as real estate, cars, employment, services, etc. The Divar market research team is one of the main arms of research which tries to help data-driven decisions by communicating effectively with product and marketing teams by recognizing their needs and providing a clear position of Divar in the market. 
In this team, we are looking for someone to join the operations part of the team and take responsibility for conducting different types of research.  r research methods and the data required to face mentioned challenges and provide the best possible solution by means of quantitative and qualitative research for those shortcomings.



  • Collaborate with other teams to define the goals of the market research problem and understand the root question that needs to be informed by the project.
  • Design specific research methods to obtain the necessary data.
  • Develop and evaluate ways to collect data including surveys, questionnaires etc.
  • Analyze collected data with statistical tools.
  • Convert findings and complex data into tables, written reports and graphs that clients can understand.
  • Visualize the results and make the presentation for the clients.


  • Interested in market research operations (field and call test). 
  • Effective communication and collaboration skills with team members and external resources. 
  • Sufficient understanding of operational process management, metrics, and SLAs. 
  • Ability to work with data using tools such as Excel and Google Sheet. 
  • Familiarity with the research process and online businesses. 
  • Ability to document and provide regular reports on research status. 


  • Flexible working hours.
  • A dynamic working environment with a culture that is open, innovative and performance oriented.
  • Supplementary health insurance.
  • Various on-site entertainments.
  • Competitive salary package.