Senior Software Engineer


First things first

The most important thing is that you are a Senior Software Engineer. You are going to have time, resources, sharp teammates and you will get proficient with our tools and technologies. So if you are good with any programming language and any technology stack, then it is the job for you.

What makes a Senior Software Engineer in Divar

Avoiding the common pitfalls is what we expect from our senior engineers because they have designed, implemented and deployed services so many times and built the wrong system enough times to know about common mistakes and pitfalls.

We need our senior engineers to be detail-oriented and self-directed and to like figuring out the most important problems to work on, and they like to get the system working but they know about priorities and are not afraid of changing their plans when it is necessary.

How you will be doing in Divar

Microservices architecture, Agile methodologies, Python, Go, SQL, and NoSQL databases, Docker, and Kubernetes are keywords you are going to talk about a lot in our teams. Working closely with product managers and participating in agile practices are parts of your job. You continuously design, develop and deploy back-end services with focus on high availability, low latency and scalability.

Do not worry if you are not familiar with some of these terms. We have got plans for you. We care about your career path , your self-development , and your comfort more than you’ve ever imagined.

What you should expect during your first year

First month: You get to know people, teams, products, and technologies we use. You start working with your team and if you are not familiar with our tools, you will quickly catch up with your own effort and your team’s help. You spend a lot of time learning about new things and we expect you to get some small things done.

Next 2 months: You get a good understanding about the ways our company and team work. Due to your experience, you can easily work with our technology stack and tools. You pick challenging tasks. We will not tell you what to do, you are sharp and experienced enough to make the decision. We provide you with what you need to do best.

Next 9 months: You have vast and deep knowledge about tools, technologies, frameworks, etc. It is time for you to own some systems you work on as you have enough knowledge and experience. You have the ability to find out mistakes in all aspects of the system you work on. We rely on your skills and you have to tell us what to do.


  • Flexible working hours.
  • Stock options for all employees.
  • A dynamic working environment with a culture that is open, innovative and performance oriented.
  • Supplementary health insurance.
  • Various on-site entertainments.
  • Competitive salary package.

Before apply, read this :

This document explains the interview process in significant detail. It is critical that you carefully examine the document as it will prepare you for the process and maximize your chances of success. It is important that you properly understand the document in full and be able to reference details from it.