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Here, together, we find solutions for challenges, gain experiences, and influence millions of people's lifestyles.

About Divar

Divar is the greatest online advertisement platform in Iran. Divar started its career in 2012 to simplify the process of trading goods. Along with the innovation in providing services, it has a noticeable effect on millions of people's lives so far. Divar is now collaborating with Karnameh to improve the quality of car trading.

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Life at Divar

Divar strives to provide an ideal environment for all; so far, it has been a place for growth, learning, and creating new ideas.

Trust is the basis for how we treat our co-workers at Divar. Honesty, non-discriminatory behavior, and respect are our behavioral values. We welcome the diversity of people for long-term growth. We make bold and agile decisions, learn from our mistakes, and work together to create products that we are proud of.

Perks and Benefits

We know very well that our co-workers deserve the best working conditions and we try our best to make opportunities for their personal growth and career development. Therefore, we provide the following benefits for our employees:

Competitive salaries and bonuses

Divar seeks to ensure that total salaries and bonuses received by individuals in each position are higher than the market average.

Training budget

Employees will receive a training budget grant at the end of their initial three-month contract. Attending courses or purchasing books may be covered by this budget. The decision on the way of spending the budget is made by the individual and approved by his/her team leader.

Incentive stocks

All employees receive a promise of certain amounts of stock, out of which 50% will vest in the employees after two years of full-time and continuous presence in the company. The remaining will be released proportionally to the time they are under contract to Divar.

Medical allowance

All Divar employees (including their spouses and children) receive a medical allowance after completing their initial three-month contracts.


At the end of the first six months at Divar, employees can apply for a loan. The loan amount is determined based on the individual’s base salary and the length of time from his/her start date.

Flexible working hours

Divar is a trust-based workplace. We do not track the entry and exit times of our colleagues.

Team-building budget

The purpose of this budget is to encourage more friendly relationships among team members. From the very first month, everyone receives a monthly team-building budget. Employees can spend this budget on different activities such as eating with their team at a particular restaurant, going on a day trip, cinema, theater, or enjoying other group activities.

Workplace amenities

All employees have access to breakfast and snacks, a game room, a lounge, a dining room, and a modern and engaging workspace.

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Our Responsibility

Divar has been a field for the engagement of 53 million unique phone numbers in 2021 with over 383,000 ads published daily and 152 million views per day. Divar is much more than a simple platform and does its best to fulfill its responsibilities for users, society, and the environment. In addition, everyone who joins Divar can play a role in defining and implementing social responsibility initiatives. Actions such as helping NGOs to protect Zagros forests, enabling users to report on Divar’s text chats to increase women's safety, making the app convenient for the use of partially sighted people, and removing ads for the sale and purchase of banned animal species are among Divar’s activities in the area of social responsibility.