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In this section, we have tried to answer the questions and ambiguities that may arise during your hiring process at Divar.

Depending on the job position and special cases, these steps and their order may vary. Telephone interviews may have been considered in some positions.

How is the interview process at Divar?

To learn more about the interview process at Divar, read our hiring infographic.

How long does the recruitment process take?

If I have a question during the hiring process, how can I contact Divar?

Who attends the interview sessions?

Are the interview sessions online or in-person?

In case of being rejected at any stage, can I apply immediately for another position?

Do I have to wait for the confirmation email after sending my resume?

Is it possible to apply for several jobs at the same time at Divar?

Is it possible to work as an intern at Divar?

Is there a possibility of remote working at Divar?

Is it possible to spend military service as a part of a project at Divar?

Is it necessary to end the military services (or have an exemption from military services) to join Divar?

When is the offer meeting held and what are the details?

Do I need special preparation to participate in the interview?