Senior Data Analyst

TehranData Science and Analytics

Our goal: 

we work directly with teams such as product, marketing and operation; UX designers and etc, to help them make data driven decisions.


What we exactly do:


  • Collaborate with product leaders to establish a product roadmap.
  • Investigate the effects of product changes and marketing strategies on key metrics,
  • Explore internal and external data sources to detect the product’s strengths and weaknesses, regarding UX aspects and different customer segments,
  • Design proper dashboards to showcase important trends.


If you... 

  • Have at least 2 years of experience in data analysis such as pattern recognition, a/b test analysis, fraud detection, offering insight for product growth, etc.
  • Are able to methodically solve problems, have a sharp eye for details, and can present the results plainly and comprehensively,
  • Have analytical thinking skills and can turn business questions into clear and measurable metrics,
  • Enjoy working with numbers and putting related data together to obtain interesting insights,
  • Have enough experience in using Python for data analysis and visualization,
  • Have a strong knowledge about basic concepts of statistics,
  • Are acquainted with the fundamental notions of pattern recognition such as regression, classification, and clustering, and

You fit right in! 
Here, we use Pyspark to perform big data analysis, but prior knowledge is not a requirement since having experience with Python libraries such as Pandas makes it super quick to learn.


  • Flexible working hours.
  • A dynamic working environment with a culture that is open, innovative and performance oriented.
  • Supplementary health insurance.
  • Various on-site entertainments.
  • Competitive salary package.